Join us for the Transformational Online Learning Summit

Day 1: Mindset

Day 1 sets the tone for the summit by focusing on mindsets that promote designing for flow, collaboration, diversity, equity, and inclusion and more.
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Day 2: Course Design

Day 2 builds on the foundation of mindset and our experts take a closer look at the course design process.

Meet Mary and Rebecca

Mary Nunaley and Rebecca Cuevas met several years ago in an online course and have become friends and colleagues exploring all types of new ways to bring online education to life.

Mary is the co-founder of the Lavender Dragon Team and focuses on interactive course design, gamification, and the learning experience.

Rebecca is an author, educator, and founder of Learn and Get Smarter. She has created her own unique process for teaching anyone anything.

Their goal is to make this an annual event bringing the best and brightest presenters to share their passion and message with the world.

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